Yang, Tse-Yen/Assistant Professor

Big Data Analysis

Course Title: Using python for data analysis、Special topics of Biobank Research、Digital Health Database Analyses Workshop

Course features: Provides students the use of graphical interface or data analysis among biological databases, elevates research abilities. Students can explore and determine research topics from the practical courses. Also provides consultation of biomedicine field to help students understanding the data and interpretation.

Artificial Intelligence

Course Title: Topics of Medical and Pharmaceutical AI、Medical Image Processing And Analysis、Workshop for Deep Learning、AI Image Recognition Practice

Course features: Provides the knowledge of medical image processing, Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Discusses medical artificial intelligence related topics, and explain the application in biomedical research, elevates students’ the fundamental and ability.


Liu, Yuh-Hwan/Assistant Professor

Hsieh, Sung-Huai/Assistant Professor

Yu, Jia-Xin/Assistant Professor


Chen, Yueh-Sheng/Professor

Ke, Cherng-Jyh/Assistant Professor

Biomedical Informatics

Course Title: Special topics on information science、Data Structure、Database Management Systems、Biomedical innovation thinking、ICE workshop

Course features: Provides the knowledge of basic science of medical information, helps students to have a glimpse of future information related era and certain degree of acknowledgement to determine the research era. On the other hand, in the era of new creation economy, Innovative strategy plannings will be the key to the success of enterprises. Improve personal innovative abilities to build up innovative competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, this course will focus on autonomous learning, overthrow the concept of the classroom, combine theory with practice, and assist students to effectively realize their creative ideas.

Information Security

Course Title: Special topics on information security、Special topics on quantum cryptography

Course features: Provides the fundamental of information security and quantum cryptography, with particular emphasis on the communication security of quantum cryptography, highlights the importance of protecting the security of communication protocols, and guides students to learn and design quantum cryptography related technologies and applications.


Yang, Chun-Wei/Associate Professor