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The program will foster a new generation of graduates with not only theoretical knowledge, but also advanced skills to fill the gap between industry and academia. Courses are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are taught by China Medical University (CMU) faculty from College of Medicine. The program works in cooperation with China Medical University Hospital’s biotechnology area.

cooperation between institutes

In successful collaboration with the China Medical University Hospital (CMUH), CMU has created new departments to do the research of medical AI. These are: the Big Data Center, the AI Center for Medical Diagnosis, the Center of Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare, along with the AI Innovation Center. CMUH provides clinical engineering and numerous variety of samples, allowing CMU to create an interdisciplinary curriculum that work to integrate AI technologies into medicine, while also encouraging medical personnel to develop innovative skills and improve clinical outcomes.

cross-field integration

China Medical University is working hard in the area of biomedical research and has created dedicated institutions for biomedical engineering-related research. One of these is the Biomedical Engineering Research and Development Center (BME R&D Center). The goal not only research, but also adapting interdisciplinary integration in biomedical instruments.

artificial intelligence X medical professional

On successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to use AI and information security related skills in their healthcare careers. We seek to foster master’s graduates who with new insights through researching digital health innovation can meet industry needs in this new era.

Yang, Chun-Wei/Associate Professor


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Digital Health Innovation is a discipline that integrates Big Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Informatics, and Information Security. The program focuses on cultivating digital health innovation talent, preventive healthcare, management of health, precision medicine, biospecimen bank, medical informatics, eHealth, medical image, and information security, to bridge today's rapid changes.